Best Domain Name Registrar

There is one clear winner for the best registrar!

I see no point in making a top 10 or even top 5 when I have a clear preference. If anything I have found it strange when I visit a post name “Best” something and I find a list. There are many registrars out there and I have used several myself over the years, none really compare to Namecheap though.

Who am I to advise you?

Having been online since the ’90s I have had quite a few domain names and have used many registrars. Every so often I like to re-check the landscape and see if anything has changed. It usually does because that is the nature of the internet. Running any website, or websites means you have to pay a registrar every year. Personally, I have never seen the point in paying more for the exact same thing or service!

Namecheap is true to their name!

As their name implies, Namecheap provides great value and they do so by including free WhoisGuard Privacy Protection. At the time of writing this, most other registrars will charge you extra for that every year. The domain names themselves are also the cheapest I have ever been able to find, How cheap? really cheap, plus they even have regular sale coupons that you should check first. To put that statement into perspective, I thought my previous registrar was good but Namecheap is 50% cheaper! That’s 50% cheaper without considering the amount saved due to their free WhoisGuard Privacy Protection.

Get a cheap domain name with free WhoisGuard Privacy Protection here

Domain name and hosting at the same place?

If you want to simplify your website then getting your domain name with hosting at the same place does just that. As I mentioned in this post, the most basic place to start is with a free online website builder. The next step from that is finding your own hosting service with free website builder pre-installed. This will give you more control and options to expand. Namecheap offers lightning-fast WordPress hosting at extremely competitive pricing and will throw in a free domain name for the first year.

Get a free Domain and Hosting at one place with Namecheap!