Crying Wolf Consequences

The media and their lies!

Once I reached adulthood it did not take long for me to realize that most media outlets were just peddling lies amongst truths. While real journalism does still exist, most journalists are just repeaters that spew whatever they are told. This, in turn, makes people extensions of the same mechanism. They hear it on the news so they repeat it to their friends believing it is true even if it is not. Sometimes they get corrected and sometimes the chain goes in, in the end, no one really knows what to believe anymore. The media often make mountains out of molehills and repeat the same thing over and over again for weeks. Most people I know are bored with it. This is where the problem begins and the story of the boy who cried wolf comes to mind.

Will the media learn anything from Coronavirus?

At first, no one around me believed that the current global pandemic was anything like the news was saying. In fact, I had also brushed it off until a good friend of mine in Australia called me up to see how I was doing. He shared with me all the details he had discovered about the novel Coronavirus and made me revisit the whole thing. I checked the data, understood the current numbers, and was able to see the exponential growth patterns forming for each country. The mainstream media were actually trying to warn everyone about the Coronavirus but no one was believing their hype, at least not enough. They had cried wolf one too many times! I tried to express my findings to some people and they tied me in with ‘the crazy news’. Will you fake journalists learn anything from this? Shame on you.

Did it really have to get this far?

I wish things hadn’t reached this point but they have. The real question now is will this mainstream media, fake news, social media bullshit world continue on as is? I sure hope not but a change in the right direction seems difficult. Way too many people are addicted to social media, the money behind mainstream media is intense, fake news and foggy truths are well funded. When it is time to believe something, not many do. The cost of that will now be seen. The very best of humanity will be exposed during this pandemic, along with the very worst!